Le Grand Numero de Chanel

The curtain is rising on THE SPECTACULAR WORLD


Vom 5. Dezember bis 9. Jänner feiert Chanel seine Bestseller und präsentiert sie auf festliche Art und Weise in einer außergewöhnlichen Ausstellung im Pariser Grand Palais Éphémère.


Auf nach Paris, um Einzutauchen in die magische Welt von Chanel


The journey begins in the middle of a colossal square, a hub of possibility. Beneath a sky full of sparkling symbols, the space comes to life, shining briefly but brightly. Take the time to listen to the walls talk and to recognize the shapes of emblematic, larger-than-life bottles, each an entrance to another dimension. 

The essence of CHANEL perfumery is a taste for that which cannot be defined, the expression of a style rather than an ingredient. Each CHANEL fragrance is a train of thought, a complex composition in which every raw material is sharpened, resulting in an olfactory kaleidoscope. A living fragrance, like a concentrated form of vital energy that evolves according to each person’s unique skin chemistry.


Welcome to 1921. You will be traveling back in time to play the role of Ernest Beaux: a talented perfumer who has been asked by a very popular designer to create a fragrance that is «artificial like a dress.» During this immersive, multi-sensory experience, you will meet Gabrielle Chanel, who is patiently waiting to discover your work. She chooses the 5th sample you present to her and decides to name it after her favorite number. She, who presents her collections on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year, hopes this will bring it luck... 

You will not only be participating in a reenactment: through virtual reality, you will be able to truly experience this moving, historic moment, the creation of N°5... 


“ When Ernest Beaux presented her with the fifth sample,  it was a striking revelation; Gabrielle this new fragrance, she recognized it. ” 

Hélène Fulgence, Director of Patrimoine de CHANEL